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Company profile

  Company team focused on PCB and electronic manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, our company specialized in the manufacture of double-sided and multi-layer sophisticated high-end circuit boards, PCB, FPC and soft hard couple, we have manufacture HDI blind hole, ceramic plate, plate, high-frequency board manufacturing capabilities and industry advantage, plant engineering, process, quality and management team all by industry for more than five years experience in senior engineering staff established, at the same time has a sophisticated production equipment, standard management norms and ERP system, the combination of high quality products and high quality service for the customer provides a powerful guarantee! Facing manufacturing upgrade in recent years, shenzhen and industrial transformation of guangdong area, we are actively preparing for the initiative to ascend, the matching plan is established in shenzhen technology development and project management team, in 2012 began to investment and merger and acquisition quality SMT factories, development of high quality components supplier channels and resources, and combined with our own advantages in the field of professional client service to further strengthen and improve our market customer's comprehensive strength, is committed to safeguard customers products of high quality, common achievement customer market value. So we won the trust of many customers and support, we believe that as long as adhere to focus on technology, professional production, focus on service, we made in China will be able to rise to a higher level. Ordered a team: customers appreciate team!

Core objectives of the company

Product delivery

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